Sunday, 29 January 2012

Shopping Trolley rant

I need to vent!

A real annoyance for me, is the way able-bodied middle-aged or elderly people leave shopping trolleys all over the place. By the time I've finished my shopping, my knee is screaming at me (I'm not young), but I still put mine back in the trolley shed. So 6.50 a.m. yesterday morning, there I am, and a bloke about my age with a stick, unloads his trolley and sticks it into the middle of the parking spot next to him. I says "Why not be a human being and put it in the shed?" he does a double take and says "On your bike." To which I respond, "Well, allow me to put in the correct place for you, so you know what to do next time." to which he responds "F*** off", and as I approach gets in his car and drives off. Oh, and he had a very heavy Glaswegian accent, so I guess I was lucky he didn't chin me. But I hate these unmentionable people; they pollute the world without a thought for anyone else. You just know that this guy regards his waste as someone else's problem.

Me? Victor Medlrew? Surely not!