Sunday, 29 May 2011


Tomorrow will be, fingers crossed, a Lord of the Rings Day. Every two or three years I do my best to get all the chores out of the way to clear enough time to watch all three extended Lord of the Rings films one after the other. I've read the books about 30 times and I've seen the films nine times - tomorrow will be the tenth. Lots of smiles and tears, and plaudits to Peter Jackson who with his wife and Phillipa Boyens did a colossal job. In honour of this:


Son foul slain by orcs
Hope dead with his only heir
Still for honour fought

I love haiku - reminds me a lot of the finnish and icelandic verse that I read in my teens and Tolkien studied.

Haiku like hope's frost
In the morning air lights bright
the wet spider's web

;¬) As a bit of light relief; I found this in a teaching video top-ranked under ehow; there is something very funny and clever about the following:

Haiku is easy,
But sometimes, they don't make sense.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A little later ...

Time passes and recoils upon itself
We see things as they think they are
That think we are immortal in the bud

But I feel the knife of time that
Strikes my friends away and turns the rose to dust

How pleasant smell those blooms at dawn
That fall to ground dancing in the wind
As all the world passes into dusk.