Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Hi all, viz my post on my destabilising PC, now mysteriously blue screens (aptly named Blue Screen Of Death) more often than not on boot, but reboots OK. The BSOD message tells me that in order not to damage your files it's stopped everything and to contact your technical support (and like most home users, that's me). As all the stops appear to involve random components and the machine does run long enough for me to establish it's not a virus or rootkit or similar I really am now faced with rebuilding the software. Hence 'dreck'. This is partly because I will now be limping along until I can get sufficient time to spend the 2-3 days needed to do this. So it will be back to my old IBM Thinkpad.

The only upside is that I can ensure that all the rubbish that the machine was shipped with as standard (?both? open office and Office 2007???) and especially the horrid Nero which appears to do nothing for me at all (apart from pre-empt file associations)... Fortunately I have my own copies of stuff like Roxio for burning DVDs. I also suspect that the Audigy board ain't that great and am getting more and more tempted to swap the Xonar sound card into it...

And as for backups, I'm now probably the most backed up person in the world (DVD + external SATA array, dual mirrored disk) which means that the data is backed up 3 times over at least once a week! The only real aggro is the MS setup stuff for Outlook, OE and so on, as these are painful to extract and do. Sigh. And I suspect that Civ IV, which keeps CTD-ing (Closing to Desktop) after about 25 minutes (better than the 3-4 minutes it was with Nero running) with a send error report message, may be a culprit... Sigh

Anyway, this is simply to explain what is likely to be a long silence, as these rebuilds are never, ever smooth.